Vydavateľ: Hachette Audio
ISBN: 9781444903508
Poč.strán: 352
Rok vydania: 2012
Väzba: brožovaná
Formát: 130x197
Jazyk: anglický
Pridané: 26.04. 2017

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Autor: Keplinger Kody

Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper is smart, cynical, loyal - and well aware that she's not the hot one in her group of friends. But when high-school jock and all round moron Wesley Rush tells her she's a DUFF - a Designated, Ugly Fat Friend - Bianca does not the see funny side. She may not be a beauty but she'd never stoop so low as to go anywhere near the likes of Wesley ... Or would she? Bianca is about to find out that attraction defies looks and that sometimes your sworn enemies can become your best friends ...With a wry and tell-it-like-it-is voice, New York Times Bestselling novel The Duff is a witty and poignant story of a teenager struggling with the rules of high school attraction, along with the breaking down of her relationships with family and friends. It is a novel about what it means to be sexy, in a world where we feel we have to be perfect!A Hamilton High School story from Kody Keplinger.The DUFF movie will be hitting screens in April 2015 starring Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne and Alison Janney.

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